Month: November 2018

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Action game very special adventures and legendary coming next year

  Games with small characters such as Ghost Of A Tale of the favorite games…
Games News

The initial design of the successor of the Palestation Vita ..! Image leaking

    2019 will be a great year for this generation with a clear and…
Games News

10 games give doubles play on the PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic launched around the world on December 3 for $ 99, a Sony mini-gaming…
Games Computer

Latest News: Battlefield 5 developers confirm their work on TTK /TTD

  After EA finished development of Battlefield 5 a few days ago (or two weeks…

Fallout 76 computer players are demanding to recover their money from Bethesda

Fallout 76 and the prevailing image of it as a major chaos in spite of…
Games Computer

Game Crackdown 3 will not include the procurement system: bad news

At E3 2014, Crackdown 3 first appeared and was unveiled for the Xbox One platform…
Games News

Total War: Arena stopped working in February 2019

The Creative Commons Studio released a new free game titled Total War: Arena in 2013…
Games News

An interactive map of Red Dead Redemption 2 allows the game to be 100% terminated by a player

One of the main advantages of the Red Red Redemption 2 is not to give…
Games News

Rumor: Is it true that the game Days Gone may be delayed again after this leaked image ..!

Days Gone, from the expected games next year strongly in particular, it is one of…
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