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A wonderful display of the game Darksiders 3 reveals the brutality of the heroine of the game “Fiori” ..

Are you excited about her ..!

THQ Nordic is preparing to launch the upcoming game Darksiders 3, and every day we approach the launch of the game surprise fans with new information belonging to them, of course you know that the champion of the game in the next part will be the third sister of the four sisters and is “Fiori” With many qualities such as tough, tough and brutal, and this is what appeared in the last show of the game, which you can see at the top.

And the game of the type of Hack & Slash for those who do not know, with a little touches of action exciting and wonderful and developed under the hands of the team called GunFire and is scheduled to launch on the twenty-seventh of November (11) on all the platforms of the home,

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