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Black Ops 4 ignites old love

Everyone knows that the call of duty series, like any annual series of games, got its share of ratings with the masses. So that it is really rated the most difficult games among the developers, the first-person shooting games (Mahbouba) is the most released all year round and the first choice for developers, and with the many in the market has become a distinction of any game is a great challenge for the developer. And this thing touches everyone without exception, whether the developer is large or small. We have always been very impressed and never dazzled by the quality of the Cool-Duty series, but some of the development decisions have not been accepted by the public, especially after adding a variety of features such as flying or walking on the walls of the series, The original lovers admire more than anything else. The last version of the game was a great challenge for the developer, and he had to find the way to the hearts of the masses of the new, and to give them what they really love, and despite the ease of speech, but the implementation is somewhat difficult or very difficult to clarity. But what happened in the end with the Black Ops 4 was amazing for everyone.

It does not hide that Black Ops 4 has won acclaim from around the world.

It is clearly the best call of duty game ever since the beginning of this new generation.

Some may say that it looks like any other call of duty game, so why is this special treatment this time? But the fact is that when you look closely you will find that the team has worked very hard to address all the previous weakness factors, while providing content that satisfies many with this release.

The first effective decision was to delete the individual play stage, or to develop the story. The idea here is that the vast majority of the hours in the series are in the group stage, so why do you dedicate a lot of resources to the development of an individual game that will produce only a very limited amount of play hours. Although this decision may seem provocative at first, the results proved that the decision was very wise, in the end we got the largest game call of duty in terms of content at all.

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