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Download Battlefield Hardline game for PlayStation 3

Battlefield Hardline game is a new sub-section with a new twist from Battelfield


تحميل لعبة Battlefield Hardline لـ بلاي ستيشن 3

Battlefield Hardline game is about the story of two US police officers, Detective Nick Mendoza and his veteran partner, Khai Minh Dao, who chase the headrests and discover the extent of corruption that controls the country and ways of breaking the law


Battlefield Hardline game is a completely new game from any part of the series. The series was based on a system of combat and counter-terrorism in a multi-country, but in this part we will fight criminals on the streets of the United States.

The game depends as usual on the perspective of the first person who shows the weapon only by accurate correction of a small open box that makes you look great on the enemies, and can be rounded very accurate correction and this is distinctive with the weapons of sniping or modern machine guns, knowing that the use of weapons must be calculated You can go out into the street and shoot the criminals easily.

You must first go with arms on the criminals to give them a chance to surrender themselves, so that you find that the criminals raise their hands to the top, this indicates surrender and go to put handcuffs in their hands, but if they used violence and shot at you here they shoot them.

تحميل لعبة Battlefield Hardline لـ بلاي ستيشن 3


We can summarize the advantages of this wonderful version with a set of points as follows



  • Diversification is very excellent in the environment stages of the story
  • An excellent voice representation and eco-friendly graphics in the story 
  • The characters in the story are mostly fantastic and not traditional
  • Add a zipline and Grappling Hook (a tool that pulls it in place and pulls it towards it, so that it moves quickly), adding a great variety of play style to the clip and online..
  • Very large diversification of weapons and their additions



In the end it can be said that the game is directed to the fans of the game faster and individual than it is directed to play collective and strategic, the game gives you a good experience if you are a fan of shooting games, but will not be a perfect experience or most addictive.
Download Battlefield Hardline game for PlayStation 3
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