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Crash games are a series of American video games have won the admiration of everyone and has a great month around the world as the game has a large number of children before the elderly as the game went through different stages during the period of creation of the game where it was designed by companies and developed by other companies for that The various modifications were made to the game. The game was developed through Activision, developed by NuteDog and distributed through Sony Computer Entertainment

تحميل العاب كراش مجانا Download Crash games

Game development:
The game was developed initially through Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin and developed the game during the first four years through the company Noti Dog and then was developed through other companies and was issued a final version of the game in 2011 and has been issued several copies of different devices where you can play On Playstation, computer, Android, iPhone and other devices.

The Story of Crash Games:

 Crash Games, whose story takes place on islands called the Womba Islands, which is located in southern Australia, is one of the famous places. It embodies a very famous cartoon series that was presented in ancient times.

The hero of the series is called Crash, who lives in these islands and is always harassed by his main enemy, Dr. New Cortex, who wants to destroy humanity. Kraush always tries to confront him, defeat him and thwart any plan to control the world.

Crash game description:

There are several major Karash games, which have been published under the name of Crash Pandikot, a group of adventures on the island of Womba, where Krash meets many monsters that you must eliminate and you in the game control the Crash and adventure with him and there are many boxes that you should get The food has many different awards that you should get.
تحميل العاب كراش مجانا Download Crash games

There are also the most famous Crash games, the most famous Crash Team Racing, the most famous Crash Team Racing game, which holds all the champions of Crash and they are called the Good Heroes (Crash Bandikot, Coco Pandikot, Polar, Bora, Aku Aku) and the bad guys inside the game (Dr. New Cortex, Jane, Dr. Nitres Prio, Oka Oka, Tyne Tiger, Dingodail, Dr. Neviros Tropey) and each of them has his famous and wonderful cars where you choose from whom you want to see the race and there inside the game Steadig download many weapons used to eliminate your enemies and must reach The finish line is first.

Where competition takes place within the race and the competition is fierce and strong among most of the rider and there is a possibility to get out of the curse or loss through any rival hero inside the game is a crash, which is characterized by orange color and driving his blue car inside the race and has many weapons where the contestant must exploit all The weapons available to hit the opponent to reach the first racer to the end line after the end of the number of twists specified within the game to be the winner as there are many other tools that help you in the vent and access such as jumping where you can jump your car to avoid the missiles and the hero S firepower.

As the contestant must be aware that he gets all the funds he meets within the race route and exploits within them to be a catalyst for him during the race as there are within the game many short methods that help you to be the first to reach the end line and there is more than a means of assistance within the game The map that appears before you defies you to route and arrange the contenders in addition to the time that shows you how long it takes to reach the finish line.

This series has achieved commercial success, selling nearly 50 million units worldwide. The first game was developed in 1996, on the Playstation, a Crash Pendict 1.

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