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We present to you today a game of the strongest racing games and speed of the smart phones  the game  csr racing 2 for Android apk and iPhone ios, there are two versions of the car racing game the first version is csr racing and the second version is the game csr racing 2 and the tow versions From the development of the games company” Natural Motion Games Ltd,”Csr racing has a huge popularity on both Google Play and  App Store thanks to the size of the features found in cars games CSR Racing and most important of these features are completely free
تحميل العاب سيارات السباق CSR Racing

The game includes a lot of modern world cars with real speeds and design, as well as the best tracks and racetracks around the world, we will show you all what you need inside the game CSR of the game styles available and how to play as we will show you the strongest advantages of the game, we will attach you some wonderful pictures  inside the games CSR racing, which shows the beauty and strength of the graphics enjoyed by the game, and we will give you to download the game csr racing for free for Android and iPhone and also download the game csr racing 2 for free to Android and iPhone.

:Racing cars and tracks games inside csr racing

One of the most beautiful features of the game is that it contains the most beautiful and fastest global cars around the world such as the brand Bmw cars, Mersedes, Ford, Ferrari, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep and other international brands cars race and speed and there is more than one car per brand.
As for the designs of cars inside the game, they simulate the reality with a very high degree of precision, perfect and professional as the game did not ignore the details in each car, and the capabilities of cars in the game as in fact each car has a speed as in fact completely, will play at the beginning of your career in the game cars Medium efficiency and speed As you progress more you will be able to buy new cars higher and more efficient than the above.

The cars are bought by the currencies that win when winning different races within the game and each car its own price cars that have high speeds are priced higher than cars cars medium or low speed.

As for the racetracks, many of them are of great design, and are the largest in the world’s largest real-world racing championships. They are located in different countries and cities around the world such as Tokyo, London, Melbourne, Australia, Brazil and other wonderful cities.

:styles of play

: friendly racing style

In this mode you can enter many great races and you will choose the car you want to race among your own cars, then choose the race track you want to play from among the various tracks to play on them, and also choose the number of tours you want and then enjoy by playing.

:tournament style

The style of the tournament is characterized by enthusiasm and great fun in the game and consists of this type of many races that you must win them all to win the championship, you can play and participate in those tournaments more than a car and switch between them from one race to another, in the first races of the tournament will not be difficult to win As you get deeper into the stages of the tournament, it will be harder to play and your competitors’ cars will increase, making it harder for you to win

:Online playing style

This style is one of the most common styles used in racing games, as it has a lot of fun and excitement away from traditional games with the computer. This mode requires the connection of your smart phone to the Internet during the game and it will play with many players who are excellent in the game and who have great experience in driving and will enter it also With a large number of contestants who may be numbered to 12 racers in one race, which makes the races more fierce and enthusiastic, all the contestants will try to get the first place in any way possible to get a large reward, and each competitor will try to disable the contestant near him in any way Possibly possible by colliding with it or other methods.

تحميل العاب سيارات السباق CSR Racing

:How to control the game

Your car runs automatically without interference from you and if you want to reduce speed or stop it completely touch the screen.
Tilt your phone to the right to turn the car right, tilt your phone left to turn the car left

 :the Features of CSR Racing game

The game is free and available on Google Play Store and WAP Store.

The game size is small due to its great potential.

Includes many high-speed global cars.

There are plenty of great play styles available.

The tracks and racetracks are fantastic and real.

Fancy graphics of shapes and designs.

 Download Racing Games CSR Racing2

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