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Fallout 76 computer players are demanding to recover their money from Bethesda

Fallout 76 and the prevailing image of it as a major chaos in spite of the great promises that have been mentioned as one of the games cooperative and attractive nature, but the game that the players got is not so it had a lot of problems and a lot of errors and problems that require improvement, which seems to have been issued before Months after the completion of the process of development, ending the case as a very bad game.

It is assumed that PC players get some discounts due to problems with games or even unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory games thanks to the refund policy on Steam and Origin, but with the Fallout 76 exclusive form on the platform of Bethesda, which means that the option Refund is not available as we think.

But some players said that they had been able to recover their money for the computer version of the game once asked to retrieve money from Bethesda, pointing out that the defense behind this procedure they are unhappy with the performance and the way of playing, knowing that the game is available on each of the personal computers And PS4 and Xbox One.


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