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Game Pes 2018 is the latest version of the game interesting PES, which has been since its support to play on Playstation 4 as the case with the above game Pes2018 versions

تحميل لعبة بيس 2018  مجانا pes 2018 لـ بلايستيشن فور

The game Pes 2018, which I do not think it needs to be known, who did not spend long hours and sometimes days enjoyed the game of competition and excitement and challenge, and no doubt, all of this has increased in the game Pes 2018, especially with the new ways and stages provided by the new version of Game Pace.

I do not think you’ll find anyone who owns Playstation 4 and does not own this game or want to get it.

تحميل لعبة بيس 2018  مجانا pes 2018 لـ بلايستيشن فور

In order not to prolong you, I turn you directly to the most important features and features in the game Pes 2018

The first features in the game were sweeping fixes on the menus with real pictures of the players, as well as a collaborative online system of games and also an improvement of the playing style and dodging methods.

After some complained about the lighting problem in the previous versions of the game pes 2018, especially users of Playstation 4 has been added a whole new lighting system within the game and do not forget the improvement of graphics to be a game of Pes 2018 closest to reality.

It is worth mentioning that the random selection of the games has returned new features and has been improved in the transfer system, especially after the addition of a new series of tournaments

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