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Game 4 No Man’s Sky Coming to the Xbox LIVE officially

The 4-year-old No Man’s Sky will finally be available on the Xbox LIVE. On PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016, the developer Hello Games has officially announced its intention to launch 4 No Man’s Sky for Xbox.

لعبة 4 No Man’s Sky قادمة لاكسبوكس ون رسميا

In addition to the huge updates that will be made in the summer, the version of Xbox One will contain all previous game updates as well as support for HDR and 4K on the Xbox and 505 Games will publish the physical versions (stores) of the game.

Game 4 No Man’s Sky is a survival and adventure video game, developed and published by the British company Halo Gems, and is based on a unique type of play where the player can navigate and travel in the universe of the game freely.

 The game from the perspective of the first person where it explores a world where the size of the universe, in which millions of planets. It involves flying and developing your spacecraft throughout the universe, visiting planets, exploring objects and gathering their wealth, learning the languages ​​of alien beings, recognizing and trading with them, fighting enemies whether they are organisms, machines or airplanes. There are goals and tasks given to you, but you have the freedom to take the direction that suits you.

لعبة 4 No Man’s Sky قادمة لاكسبوكس ون رسميا

The game has a distinctive character with its music, and its beautiful world colors, which give you a sense of science fiction. Also the system of planetary formation and the night and day cycle means that there are many beautiful landscapes that come by chance. As well as dialogues writing when met with space and good comic sometimes, and succeed more than some of the clips in other games. There is a story and a history in the game world if you search for it                                                                                  

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