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Game Black Ops 4 almost include the story phase ??? Truth or rumor ????

When Black Ops 4 was discovered, many players did not accept Activision’s decision to cancel the story phase and replace it with Patel Royal to become the first full-length online game without the story.

Rumors: The company was initially planning to launch a collaborative story in the game. A player at the Reddit forum posted confidential information on the development of Black Ops 4, saying he was one of the game’s testers during the development process for Treyarch.

Bata said during his experience that the developer was working until the middle of 2017 to develop a cooperative story for the game, but then decided to dispense with it to focus on the rest of the stages, according to information, that phase was not a normal cooperative phase, but put two teams each author Of each of the two players face each other each team vying to finish the story of the story more quickly than the other and during the story of the two teams would be put in battles face each other as there were positions will require the cooperation of the two teams to overcome certain obstacles.

The player also said that the developer had finished work on five tasks of the story and wanted to do more but the time did not reach his goal.

However, the Black Ops 4 game finally got the satisfaction of the critics and gave online gamers an enjoyable experience.


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