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Latest News: Battlefield 5 developers confirm their work on TTK /TTD

Time to Kill/Time to Death


After EA finished development of Battlefield 5 a few days ago (or two weeks ago if you had early access to the game through Origin Access Premier or Deluxe Edition), DICE released a lot of new improvements and modifications to the game based on the data they had All of them are comments received from players.

Of the changes that will appear in the game may be very large are (Time to Kill) and Time to Death, where Florian Le Bihan, the basic designer of the game Battlefield 5, responded to some comments recently on Twitter, stressing that some changes will be made to both TTK and TTD and that DICE will share the details of those changes very soon with the players.

Battlefield 5 is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and the first chapter of updates will begin on December 4th.


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