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Memorrha Trailer (4K/UHD)

Everyone notices this work and the great effort of Indy developer, reasonably nice graphics and interesting puzzles. Based on the trailer, the shaper that the game looks like a repetitive series of “walk here”, these puzzles in an empty environment free of characters and life, with a separate simple story. The game revolves around an ancient race extinct for a long time written just to justify the existence of puzzles and ruin. While it is still a fun and authentic game, you may find yourself illegally spending money on buying it after you have played a number of similar games in the past.

The multi-player elements largely add to this appeal, especially with the “gold, silver and bronze” rating system that is put into the mix for how quickly completion or completion of puzzles. The use of physical props to allow the player to employ innovative and perhaps unconventional solutions to puzzles would add an element of the challenge and openness that players in the games are expecting these days.

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