Narcos Cartel Wars: The best cartel in the world of video games for smartphones

Narcos Cartel Wars - Narkos Cartel Wars The new smartphone from the most successful TV series is now available in Arabic in the Middle East and North Africa

Money. Power. Loyalty.

Narcos: Cartel Wars introduces players as a rising comedian in the cartel, with guidance from many well-known characters in the series. When players build their organizations, players will put between the decision to review and impose force, or to collect respect through loyalty, or to combine them. Players must form alliances with one another in order to create cartels and go to war for land, profit and respect. The game experience is based on three elements of “money, power and guns”. Make your base stronger and bigger among others and manage your soldiers to invade rules for other players. The world of Narcos is changing day by day, and beauty is getting bigger with each update.



Ratings : 4,7/5


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