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News about the launch of a Western version of the game Hokuto ga Gotoku

Hokuto Ga Gotoku was released in February 2018 from the “Fist of the North Star” series. Japan’s Media Create reported on the performance of the game on the Japanese market
أخبار عن اطلاق اصدار غربي للعبة Hokuto ga Gotoku

When it launched 123,116 copies in Japan, which is less than Yakuza Ishin’s 2014 sales. The game produced sales of 221,000 sold but released on Playstation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Hokuto ga Gotoku’s recent action on Sony’s Playstation 4, adapted from the classic anime and classic band, previously known as the Fist of the North Star, may find its way into Western markets, according to Edge magazine.

The magazine reviewed the game in the number of March 2018 according to its cover with a reference to a Western version of it is not announced by Sega officially after, as the issuance of the game in the Japanese shops did not give him a big noise despite the level of the game well, and recall that the game of the same development of the team behind the series Yakuza games.

أخبار عن اطلاق اصدار غربي للعبة Hokuto ga Gotoku
In the game of Fist of the North Star the fighting system will be inspired by the Yakuza series and will include mini-games and activities but will also contain elements that fit the nature of the world of Fist of the North Star.

The hero of the game Kenshiro is making an adventure towards the Eden region in search of his fiancée who is said to have died during the nuclear war that destroyed the world, but decides to go to that area in the hope that his fiancée will be one of the people who have sought refuge there. Closed to strangers.

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