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Review of Far Cry 5 for Playstation 4

Far Cry’s fifth game is a game of correction from the perspective of the first player in an open world in Montana and the unique American countryside where Joseph Seed and his family control the whole region with the power of arms and mental control and the use of religious orientation to achieve their morale and control this isolated society and control all From the smallest farms to the biggest army commanders.
مراجعة لعبة Far Cry 5

From the first moments the game will bring you to learn about the events of the story through the presentation of the first events in a wonderful way and theatrical performances expressive and dazzling, especially in the details and expressions of the faces of the characters, the world of the game is huge and diverse and reviews the American countryside in distinctive ways you will see the farms and forests and mountainous areas other than the caves and rivers scattered throughout the region It will add a great variety to your game experiences as you engage in tasks in these different environments.

The tasks in this part vary between the traditional tasks of the previous parts of the liberation of the regions and the liberation of the hostages and you will find many of these duplicate tasks in all corners of the game world, but the beauty of the game lies in the tasks of the story and the main functions of the characters who meet during the game where their tasks will vary greatly And provides you with a summary of the fun of the game These missions provide new ideas every time and feel really important in terms of the story and overlap in improving the lives of people or save important people for events and also do not forget that the game offers you the tasks to save and help 7 characters help and when you finish this Oryx You will be able to join them and take one of them with you in your various adventures and each of them a unique advantage from the other.

There is a pilot who will help you in the strongholds of the enemy and there are snipers that will help you assassinate your enemies remotely and many others that have added more fun to the tasks where you can plan for each task and you can easily call them at any moment to help you but as a advice never give a person help the opportunity to drive the vehicle will suffer from their mistakes And their continuous stop in the way in a strange way and also their reaction in some situations will not be as you please them, except that the game supports collaborative play over the network you can call your friend and go through the challenge and end the various tasks together


مراجعة لعبة Far Cry 5


One of the advantages of the game is complete freedom to arrange the end of the tasks and even the way to end it, for example to edit one of the important headquarters may bring snipers and infiltration to the headquarters yourself and cooperation between you to liberate the headquarters of the enemies in silence and have also decided to come heavily armed and choose direct attack and why not join your friends pilots And the strongholds of the enemy from the top of the sky with all force or even the combination of several ways, but the wide variety of weapons from light weapons to heavy weapons of all kinds and shares and even the various bombs and you can buy and develop weapons using the money you will get from treasures And from different skins to sell you the animals.

Your character has many skills that you can develop by using certain points you get by achieving different achievements such as killing 20 people using stocks and others. You can also collect these points by searching for treasures hidden around the world to enable you to develop many characteristics and skills such as developing a health meter Increase the ammunition of a particular weapon or increase the number of people who can help you and many more.

In the end we will leave you with this promotional video of the game.



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