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Rumor: Is it true that the game Days Gone may be delayed again after this leaked image ..!

Days Gone, from the expected games next year strongly in particular, it is one of Hbarat PlayStation 4, the game was scheduled to launch this year before developing Bend Studio Boukbermasv that team out name postponed for next year 2019 and a specified date is the second and the twentieth of the month of February (2) Next year.

About a month ago, the game was postponed again with the official permission of the development team, which justified the postponement of getting out of the traffic jam that month, and was postponed until the 26 th of April (4) next and corresponding to 2019, either Today there is a picture hovering and circulating rumors that the game may be postponed for a third postponement as you see above.

The picture was taken from the American Playstation, which shows a date of release far from what we know, which is the thirty-first of the month of December (12) of the year the author, and this history was a shock to some players on social networking sites, but what we know is that This date is only for the Place Holder or place a reservation in the store, but it may be either a hint of a new delay or a technical error to be corrected later

However, it must be noted that the game is very expected to be delayed especially as it has become one of the games that have a long history with the curse of postponements, so that happened and postponed we will publish the official news, stay with us ..


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