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The 82-year-old veteran Shirley Corey has confirmed that she will not be there when Elder Scrolls 6 is released and a wide-ranging interaction to be one of the game’s characters.

Shirley Corrie, a 82-year-old veteran who likes to spend her free time playing video games and loves games that contain depth of story and move feelings or allow a wide range of exploration in this virtual world, Shirley has a channel through which to make Miaashr and cover for her favorite games The games that occupied much of her time are the Elder Scrolls Skyrim series that she has loved since she was born years ago.

Shirley says through her own account on Reddit that she knows she will not be there at the time when the next part of Beatrix’s Elder Scrolls 6 will be released during the last E3 show, which she confirmed will be for the next generation and the project is still in its early stages of development. Knock nails now coffin and do not hope to be present at the time of launching the game, which may take years.

This participation was the cause of a large movement and interaction through social networking sites and forums of games where a Reddit member of the work of a large campaign in which the company Petitda to put Shirley as a personality of the characters when the game in the future to be dedicated to the campaign began to reap great interaction from all countries But so far the company has not responded to this campaign and it may happen soon.

Also in response to some of the developers of the mods began to design Mod adds personality Shirley to the game Skyrim and will be launched soon.

You can follow Shirley Currie through her own channel on YouTube  and you can also participate in the campaign on the Reddit website through this link ..



Do you imagine that you will be in the place of a lover of video games and realize that you will not be present when the next part of one of your games is waiting? What will you feel?

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