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Winners games of the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards.

While everyone is waiting for the biggest international event to honor the best and best video games for the year 2018 and is the event TGA2018, which will be launched on December 6, was launched yesterday activities of the Games, the Golden Joystick Awards known, which was the selection of the best games according to the categories will be listed below.

There was a lot of titles in the final list, but most notably the game of God of War, which won several awards, including the best director and the best graphics, while the game Cyberpunk 2077 received the award of the most awaited game and the game Red Dead Redemption 2, which appeared in the list only Once the award was awarded only the Critics Choice Award.

And now you have all the games that won by the rankings and wait until we see who will get the title of the year game at the Game A Ward 2018 next month.

Best Narrative Narration – God of War
Best Competitive Game – Fortnite Battle Royale
Best Cooperative Game – Monster Hunter: World
Best Graphics – God of War
Best of independent developer – Dead Cells
Best Votes – God of War
Best Permanent Game – World of Tanks
Best Performance – Brian Durchitz about Conor’s Character in Detroit: Become Human
Best Sports Game – Overwatch
The Best Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR
Best Studio – SIE Santa Monica Studio
Best Mobile Phone Game – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile
Best PC Game – Subnautica
Best of Playstation 4 – God of War
Best For Xbox
Best Nintendo Switch game
The most anticipated game – Cyberpunk
Selection of Critics – Red Dead Redemption 2
Best Lifetime Achievement – Heidetake Miyazaki (FromSoftware)
Best Charity Contribution – Xbox Adaptive Controller
Best game of the year – Fortnite Battle Royale

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